Bedding sand is a coarse grade of construction sand with many practical applications for use. As with gravel, sand particles can be sorted by a variety of sizes and shapes which can provide for a range of functional uses. Bedding sand contains no fine particles – known as “fines” – which tend to pack tightly and do not allow water to drain efficiently through the sand. During the process of sorting and grading sand, the fines are washed out of bedding sand and are added to other sand blends for masonry, sandbox or landscaping use.

The primary use of bedding sand is to lay a bed for concrete or stone landscaping pavers, but bulk bedding sand is useful for many things, including:

• Drainage for playground surfaces or work sites
• Foundation bed for landscaping pavers
• Soil amendment to increase drainage in clay soils
• Backfill material for construction needs
• Traction on wet or icy surfaces
• Livestock or poultry yards to reduce mud

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